This is a small introduction about us.

We are a small family run business (which is Defra registered), which has been running since 2000.  My husband makes all the products at affordable prices- so these houses are NOT cheap imports!!!!, my two boys help catch, feed the chickens, carry wood and also sometimes go on deliveries with my husbund while I  do the paper work, update the website, hatch chicks, cares for birds and helps with the lifting of the objects.


Our Chickens:-

Most of our chickens are bred in our garden, so all the chickens have grown up with lots of love and care....

All the birds are wormed, checked for mites and given a vaccination for Marek's disease from an early age.  The housing which all the birds live in, is regularly disinfected with Virkon ( a Defra recognised disinfectant that stop bacteria & virsuses) and checked for mites. The run are covered with mesh to stop wild birds from infecting our birds with disease..



We use a courier to delivery the products anywhere in the UK at a reasonable rate, but my husbund prefers to delivery products himself in the Norfolk/Suffolk area.  All deliveries are by prior arrangement and a signature is required when goods are delivered by courier.  Unfortunately we can not post livestock ( as the postman doesn't like feathers!!!), but when my husbund delivers,  livestock is available.  Please feel free to save yourself a delivery charge and collect yourself but if collecting chickens please remember to bring a box or animal carrier to transport your birds home.



Being a small cottage business, I am unable to pay delivery on returned goods, I will however refund the value of the goods if there is a genuine reason for the return.

About  us