142cm x 84cm x 61cm

(56" x 24" x 33")

Enclosed living area at one end with

wooden door and also one wire door to gain

access to run.

Ideal  for  rearing  young  birds.



Starter  ark

180cm  x  120cm  x  120cm  (6'  x  4'  x  4')

Enclosed  ark  with  external  nesting  box, side  wooden  door  and side  wire  door.

45cm  (18")  hut  with  floor.




This  ark  can  come  complete  with  two  brown  hens,  a  sack  of  feed,  a  drinker, sawdust, disinfectant and  straw.

- pick up or local delivery only.


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The Arks on this page can be purchased through

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for local delivery or collection.

Or contact us for delivery charge to your area...

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8' Ark Extension Run

- with access panel on top of run.






























8' Ark with upstairs living area

(in tanalized shiplap wood)

The living area is 44" wide x 44" high.

With two access doors with handles.

One access door to nesting area.

The other access door to the living area, this living area

has a removable slated floor for the birds to roost on

and keep their feet clean...

Two access doors to run with bolts.

Access ramp to upstairs living area