Bantam Chickens & Ducks

Day old chicks - 12 month old

Chickens are unavailable for delivery with courier

(local deliveries can be arranged)

- updated 17th September  2018


(Due to day old chicks requiring more care, day old chicks are only available for sale if you have a broody hen to place them under or if you have the necessary equipment for raising a day old chick.....

          When collecting birds, please bring a box or pet carrier.

-In Stock - Hens

A hardy breed which is good for beginners..

Lays a light brown egg




White call ducks -

   £55 a pair

(1 x male, 1 x female)


Aylesbury  ducks -

   £12.50 each


-In Stock- Hens

A docile breed, which is good with children, laying approx 100-150

eggs a year...Laying a tinted egg..

Light Sussex


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Call ducks


Pekins - various colours

-In Stock - Hens

Lovely docile, ornamental bird....

Not a great layer....laying approx 80-120 eggs a year.

Laying a white/cream egg..

silver seabright

Silver Sebrights

-In Stock - a trio.. birds that can become tame very easily..not a great layer...laying approx 50-80 eggs a year...


Welsummer Bantam

Rhode Island red Bantam

-In Stock - Hens

A duel purpose bird, which is a good egg layer, laying approx 100-150 eggs a year...

Laying a deep red-brown egg...

-In Stock - Hens

good egg layers, laying approx

100-150 eggs a year...Laying a light brown egg..

Aylesbury Ducks

-In Stock.

Aylesburys are good natured and friendly, although they do have quite a loud quack...

Lay 40 - 120 eggs a year

and lay a white egg....




More available






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-In Stock - Hens

Various colours available..

Not a very hardy bird, need extra care..but makes a great mother..

download download (1) DCFN0072

- 2 x Ducklings

They are clean, tidy birds and if provided with clean water and good food will keep themselves in good condition. They are also easily tamed.


Also available -







Runner Ducks

-In Stock

Various colours

Generally need less water than most ducks as long as they can dunk thier heads.. good nature

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