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Chickens available as

Day old chicks to 12 months old...

Chickens are unavailable for delivery with courier.

(local delieveries can be arranged)

-updated 3rd August 2020

copper black

(Due to day old chicks requiring more care, day old

chicks are only available for sale if you have a broody

hen toplace them under or if you have the necessary

equipment for raising a day old chick..)

When collecting birds please bring a box or pet carrier....


Copper black Marans

More available soon

A alert & busy bird with a small appetite. But are good fliers & can fly upto 2m. Good layers

Lay a white egg.


In Stock - Hens

Good eggs layers, laying 160 -200 eggs a year...

Lay a dark brown egg..

Partridge Leghorns

More available soon

A quiet temperament

rarely go broody..

Good layers 180-200 eggs a year

Laying a white egg..


In Stock - Growers

In various colours

A ornamental and docile hen...

Not good for muddy areas,

due to feathers on feet...

Lay approx. 80-120 eggs a year

Laying a tinted egg...


Cream Legbars

- In Stock - Growers

Good layers 180 eggs a

year...Laying a green egg..

brown leghorn_l

White Leghorns

More available soon

These are spritely & alert birds.

Which rarely go broody..

Good Layers

Laying a white egg..


2777 SDC11982 lakenvelder_chickens_lakenvelder_hen_eabd152a


-More available soon.

They are fairly small birds and are

good layers, producing white

shelled or occasionally tinted eggs.

Not good sitters and tend to be

rather flighty so need to have

suitable fencing as can manage a

2 metre flight.



-More available soon.

Wyandottes are docile birds and the hens are excellent broodies and make good mothers. They lay well and chicks tend to be strong and are quick growers.

28951935_10155847878268127_9103919611849474048_o 82702591_10157536263093127_5201254237824090112_n


More available soon.

They are quiet, friendly, gentle birds that can actually become very affectionate towards their keepers .They are alert, active birds. The hens will actually lay prolifically over winter.