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Chickens available as

Day old chicks to 12 months old...

Chickens are unavailable for delivery with courier.

(local delieveries can be arranged)

-updated 19th February 2018

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(Due to day old chicks requiring more care, day old

chicks are only available for sale if you have a broody

hen toplace them under or if you have the necessary

equipment for raising a day old chick..)

When collecting birds please bring a box or pet carrier....

Blue-laced Wyandottes - Large Fowl

Copper black Marans

Silver Sussex

In Stock - Hens

A docile breeds which is good with children. Laying 100-200 eggs a year...

Lay a tinted egg


In Stock - Hens

Good eggs layers, laying 160 -200 eggs a year...

Lay a dark brown egg..

In Stock - Hens

A duel purpose bird, hardy and good for beginners..Good Layers

180 eggs a year...

Laying a light brown egg..

Partridge Leghorns

In Stock - Chicks

A quiet temperament

rarely go broody..

Good layers 180-200 eggs a year

Laying a white egg..



In Stock - Growers

In various colours

A ornamental and docile hen...

Not good for muddy areas,

due to feathers on feet...

Lay approx. 80-120 eggs a year

Laying a tinted egg...


Cream Legbars

In Stock - Chicks

Good layers 180 eggs a

year...Laying a green egg..

brown leghorn_l S1050093 (2)


In Stock - Hens

These hens can range in various

colours. They have a gentle

temperament and a inquisitive


Lays a green/blue egg