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Chickens available from

Day old chicks to 12  months  old

Chickens are unavailable for delivery with courier

(local deliveries can be arranged)  

- updated 19th February 2018

-In Stock - Hens

Good eggs layers, laying approx 160-200

eggs a year..



- In Stock - Hens

A duel purpose bird, hardy and good for beginners. Good layer, laying approx 180 eggs a year..

Laying a light brown egg..


4518701601.jpg 300px-Rhode_Island_Red BUFF%20ORP

- More available soon..

A ornamental and docile hen...Great with children.

Lays approx 80-120 eggs a year..

Laying a white/tinted egg...



-In Stock - Hens

A beautiful docile hen, ideal for beginners...Excellent egg layer.

laying approx 150+ eggs a year..



- In Stock - Hens

A duel purpose bird, which is a good egg layer, laying approx 150+ eggs a year...

Laying a deep red-brown egg....



- In Stock - Hens

Ideal hen for beginners, usually tame & easy to handle...Excellent egg layer, laying approx 250+ eggs a year...Laying a light brown egg...






Day old chicks -£5.00each

(this price increases as the chick gets older).


Hens - £10 - £35

(depending on age and breed of chicken.)

(Due to day old chicks requiring more care, day old chicks are only available for sale if you have a broody hen to place them under or if you have the necessary equipment for raising a day old chick...

When collecting birds please bring a box or pet carrier.


-In Stock - Growers

Great egg layer, laying approx 150+ eggs a year...

Laying a light brown egg...

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Cuckoo  Marans...


Rhode Island Reds

Light Sussex

Buff Orpingtons

Brown Hens


- In Stock - Hens

A friendly docile hybrid, ideal for beginners..Excellent egg layer,

Laying approx 150+ eggs a year...




copper black

    Rhode Rock

The Ark

Barred Rock

- In Stock - Growers

A friendly docile breed.

They are easy to tame & are

a hardy hen.

Laying a cream coloured