Choosing your Hut

 Materials :-

Usually the huts are made from 1  1/2" x  1  1/2"  or  2"  x  2" tanilized batons and 4"  tanilized featheredge or Shiplap- but I am willing to make the huts in a product or colour of your choose (this will effect the price).  Flooring is made from  11mm sterling board. The roof is made with 11mm chipboard and felt, Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets or wood.  The chicken wire  used for products is in a range of sizes of 31mm (1") or 62mm (2") in 19 gauge or  31mm (1")  x 15mm (1/2") weldmesh.

(Tanilized is a pressure treatment that will prolong the life of the wood...)

When advertising measurements of the products they may not be exact, so I will not be held responsible for being a few cms out.

1. Choose your hut design you like & decide  if it needs to be altered to suit your personal needs - this may effect the price.

Or create your own design...


2. Decided which material you require your hut to be made in.

 (Featheredge or Shiplap  for the hut.  Felt, Corrugated Bitumen roofing or wood (the same as the hut) for the roof)

-the prices of the huts shown on the website are for materials shown in the picture, prices may vary slightly if you require the hut made in a different material.


3. Fill in the order form, email  us with your order and we will email you with an invoice in 1-2 days....or use the buy it now button (using the buy it now button also

adds the delivery for anywhere in mainland England, if you wish a delivery to Scotland or Wales please contact us and we can calculate the delivery to you..)


4. If you are happy with the price, please pay by PayPal, Cheque , Cash or credit cards.


5. Orders are usually made within 1-2 weeks - depending on the time of year !!!

as all products are handmade to order.