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        Payment  &  Correspondence  Address


           Paul  Stemp & Nicki Stemp


                                                                              The  Ark

         Chapel  Road



           NR11 8QP



         (01263)  761709


Pet Licence - AA031



    Email address for orders, enquires or questions

[email protected]


    Opening  Hours


     Monday to Saturday

     10.00a.m -  3.00 p.m

due to current circumstances.

      (Winter - Tuesday to Saturday...10.00a.m - 4.00p.m)


      Sunday - by appointments only


     Bank  Holidays - Normal opening


                   Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New years Day - Closed


(due to working from home I may have to pop out, so please feel free to phone me to make sure I am in, especially if you are travelling a distance).