Health Products

Verm - X (pellets)

A poultry wormer that has a natural herbal formula and has a no egg withdrawal period.

Just add to regular feed


Just for Scaly legs - 250ml

A simple spray application to spray on infested areas...


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Apple Cider Vinegar

A totally natural organic, anti-bacterial, anti-coccidial anthelmintic and tonic which has beneficial effects for all livestock and poultry




Mineral Boost with Probiotics and Seaweed is a nutritional supplement for laying hens containing high levels of limestone and oyster grit to assist digestion and support shell quality



Vit Boost Poultry Tonic with Seaweed

A complete vitamin and mineral nutritional tonic for all breeding stock and laying birds to maintain general health and vitality all year round


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Poultry Septi-Clense

A easy way to treat superficial wounds and abrasions and work quickly to kill bacteria to stop the threat of infection...