New designs of Huts - pg 2


Chicken house with wooden roof.

-made in tanalized shiplap

90cm x 90cm  (36" x 36" )

With hinged side nesting boxes -12" wide, ventilation holes, sliding front door, sliding floor for easy cleaning - with two wooden handles, rear access door with metal bolt, access ramp and 16" stand.

(This house can come with bitumen roof if required)







-This house can have a felt roof and be painted as shown in picture


Pic022 Pic019 SDC11261


8' Ark with upstairs living area  (in tanalized shiplap wood)

The living area is 44" wide x 44" high.

With two access doors with handles.

One access door to nesting area.

The other access door to the living area, this living area has a removable slated floor for the birds to roost on and to keep their feet clean....

Two access doors to run with bolts.

Access ramp to upstairs living area.


Pic017 Pic015 Pic016

This Ark can be purchased through the website, but only for local delivery or collection.


8' Ark Extension Run

-With access panel on top of run.